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Mom’s a Medium presents the intriguing, mysterious and often hilarious world of psychic medium Carmel Baird as she tries to manage a chaotic life filled with six kids, three grand kids, her husband, a farm full of animals… and a whole lot of dead people! The series balances the powerful emotion of Carmel’s readings, wherein she helps clients connect with loved ones who have passed on — often revealing secrets or truths for the first time — with the lighthearted fun of her quirky family’s challenges and adventures.

Carmel’s inspiring abilities are evident as she engages her ever-expanding clientele from intimate private sessions, to small group readings for grieving mothers, to much larger open mediumships where Carmel delivers her messages to hundreds of clients in need of healing. In addition, Carmel’s unique connection to the spirit world also allows her to put to rest her clients negative fears and thoughts surrounding what they perceive as hauntings.

Since life is nothing without a little chaos, Carmel is also the matriarch of an ever-growing, unruly family and extremely busy farm. Carmel’s unique gift for helping her clients find peace and closure is the calm in the center of a loving family storm.