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Is Blake Shelton the New Taylor Swift?

Until the Washington Post said it out loud, I hadn’t really thought about it like this: Blake Shelton could very well be kind of the new Taylor Swift. She’s no longer making country music, so it makes sense that country music would need a new face. And Shelton’s face is that face. Here’s why the newspaper thinks he’s the [...]

Blake Shelton to Star in Adam Sandler Comedy

Blake Shelton will reportedly assume the role of Western lawman Wyatt Earp in Ridiculous 6, Adam Sandler’s first film for Netflix, according to the Wrap, an entertainment website. This past weekend, Shelton displayed his skills as a comedic actor while hostingSaturday Night Live. Vanilla Ice will apparently portray Mark Twain in Ridiculous 6, described by the Wrap “as [...]

Miranda Lambert’s Ready for Some “Smokin’ and Drinkin’”

Miranda Lambert is not about to sing about a girl shaking her ass on someone’s tailgate. There’s nothing necessarily wrong with that kind of party song. It’s just not one Lambert would ever consider cutting. “I can’t sell party songs. I mean, I have them all on my iPod, but I cannot say, ‘Tailgate, she’s a [...]

Kid Rock Remembers Glory Days With “First Kiss”

In his latest single, “First Kiss,” Kid Rock finds himself getting sentimental about teenage relationships. CMT was on the set of his reflective music video to get a behind-the-scenes look. “‘First Kiss’ is kind of a nostalgic piece,” the Detroit native said. “You know, there are a few ‘first’ things you remember in life. I think everyone remembers [...]

Carrie Underwood Feeding Baby Only Good Vibes

Carrie Underwood’s intuition is right on. She only wants her baby to listen to the good stuff during her last weeks of pregnancy. And that’s exactly what she should be doing. Because science says that her baby’s ability to hear is well developed by now, as she moves out of her second trimester and into the [...]

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