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Aaron Pritchett Biography

When one thinks of country music, they might be overcome with thoughts of the twangs and drawls of country music past… and may find it hard to picture a genre alive with fun, action, romance and energy. Aaron Pritchett fans know better. Because anyone that his been to one of his live performances knows that Aaron’s idea of country music has more to do with living life to the fullest than complaining about the past, and when he performs his sole purpose is to get the audience off their feet and give them a show they won’t soon forget.

With 15 top 10 hits and 12 videos under his belt, Aaron has proven himself to be one of the hardest working and most entertaining guys in the business. Having toured with the likes of Brooks & Dunn, Alan Jackson and Toby Keith, Pritchett has gained a significant following across the country and has garnered many accolades and awards, including a CCMA for Independent Male Artist of the Year and the Songwriter of the Year award in 2007 for the anthem, “Hold My Beer”. He was also the artist that opened the CCMA televised award show last year and delivered a lively and dynamic performance. His passion and intensity on stage coupled with his unwavering dedication to fans certainly sets him apart from other acts and helped solidify his success.

His 5th album, which will be in stores summer/fall of 2010, not only touches on the more serious sides of life with songs like “Coming Clean” and “ She’s Goin’ Somewhere “ but also brings back the high energy, rockin’ sound everyone loves in songs like “Pinch” and “Light It Up”. This is Aaron’s first album where he is overseeing all aspects, writing or co-writing almost every song, and making sure it is a true depiction of the kind of music that he’s always wanted to make. It’s no surprise that this masterpiece will be appropriately named “In The Driver’s Seat”. For the first time in Aaron’s career, he is calling the shots and making sure the fans get what they want.

Whether you’re watching a full band concert or an up close and personal show with just Aaron himself, this new material coupled with all of his previous hits make for a truly amazing night. Aaron pours his whole heart into everything he does to ensure a positive experience for his beloved fans, even if that means staying for hours after a show to make sure he’s signed every last autograph and taken every last picture. Aaron’s passion and drive to keep playing never seems to subside. Not because he needs to achieve anything, not for the money or even the fame but because he loves seeing the feeling it gives his audience. The sheer energy a crowd gives him, he gives back to them with as much vigor because Aaron knows that they are the ones who give him the opportunity to do what he loves most. “The fans are the THE most important thing to me, bottom line.”