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One Little Girl Brings Miranda Lambert to Tears

Brooke Hester changed everything for Miranda Lambert. Usually, Lambert cries a little bit when she’s performing her hit song “Over You,” the one she wrote with Blake Shelton about his brother’s tragic young death. But at her Saturday night (Sept. 13) show in Corpus Christi, Texas, she cried a lot. So much so, she had [...]

Faith Hills Tells Tim McGraw’s Writers to “Save Him”

There’s a story going around this week about how Tim McGraw forgot the words to one of his songs. And that’s a great story. I mean, how funny is it that after writing a song, and then recording it, you have a momentary lyrical lapse and are rendered helpless in front of an industry audience? [...]

11 Ways Out of Chronic Concert Struggles

Those poor, poor concertgoers at Cosmopolitan magazine. They recently put together a list of the problems they always endure at live shows. And I feel them. I have been there, done that and learned some lessons along the way. So since I do this for a living, I thought I’d share some solutions to their [...]

How to Tour Like Miranda Lambert in Three Easy Steps

Obviously, you need to be great at what you do. Like Miranda Lambert is. But just because you’re sassy and sexy and a killer songwriter and singer doesn’t mean a massive tour will come naturally to you. To put on a legendary live show night after night, year after year, it takes some skills. And [...]

Tim McGraw Releases Sundown Heaven Town

Tim McGraw’s latest project, Sundown Heaven Town, came out Tuesday (Sept. 16) following several months of previewing the new music to fans on tour. The album contains his most recent release, “Shotgun Rider,” as well as the hit single featuring Faith Hill, “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s.” That duet is McGraw’s 50th Top 10 hit, and [...]

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