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Little Big Town Toast a Slew of Career Milestones

Little Big Town have lots of reasons to raise a glass this week as they celebrate the release of their highly-anticipated sixth studio album, Pain Killer, their induction into the Grand Ole Opry and a high-caliber performance on the upcoming CMA Awards. “It’s the next step, the next evolution,” the band’s Karen Fairchild told CMT [...]

Tim McGraw Wore Out 1968 Elvis Album

By the time Tim McGraw was old enough to learn how to work a record player, say somewhere in the late 1970s, his very favorite Elvis Presley song was on a 10-year-old album. “I had an Elvis record that I played,” McGraw said in a recent interview. “It had my favorite Elvis song on it. [...]

Miranda Lambert’s Not 100 Percent Badass

Yes, BuzzFeed, I agree. Miranda Lambert is indeed a “seriously badass role model,” as you’ve dubbed her. Your 21 reasons, though, are not really enough to completely define who Lambert is. Beyond the tough-girl-from-Texas thing she has going on most of the time, Lambert can also be pretty damn loving and kind. It’s like she’s [...]

Brantley Gilbert Found Old Love Back Home

Last year, right around this time, I talked to Brantley Gilbert about his old loves. There was the actress/singer Jana Kramer, obviously, with whom he’d just recently broken off his engagement. It was the “disengagement,” as he called it. But beyond Kramer, there were all those other broken hearts in the country singer’s past. They [...]

Where Have All the Cowboy Songs Gone?

Country fans always kind of scoff at people who still call it country and western. Like they are so out of touch, and we don’t call it that any more than we wear gingham and overalls and sit on hay bales during concerts. But, really, would a little more western in our country be all [...]

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